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    Design and Project Management

    Serve for better life


    With years of industry experience, a large and qualified team, and top quality equipments, Immetech is perfectly placed to support your whole manufacturing project. From the earliest conception of your idea, we are able to guide you all the way to shipping if needed. Once a project is underway, there is no hanging around. We are dedicated to efficient and professional communication, with fast response times making light work of complex mold design and production. Detailed analysis and planning from the outset anticipates problems and keeps your project running smoothly.

    The best way to find out how we can help you is to Get in Touch to discuss your needs.
    Reverse Engineering

    Starting from the end goal


    Develop designs for fast and accurate production


    Designing for Manufacturability

    Mold Flow

    Simulated injection mold cycle


    Finite Element Analysis

    Immetech is a specialist in tooling and molding, offering a full range of services for your design and manufacturing needs. We bring years of experience to the table, along with high quality equipment and a can-do attitude. We don’t just produce parts; we understand every stage along the way, from the time critical, to the big challenges, to the mundane.

    Visit our Engineering page to find out more about our equipment, certifications and how we work.